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Here’s what our clients have to say:

Waqar invests himself in his client’s business as if it was his own. Facebook and Social media, in general, is fluid, a lot of trial and error and requires an open mind – all traits that Waqar combines and inherits.

Markus Neukom
Executive Coach

Techniques – out of this world!
Waqar has a brilliant mind for business and his work and research are second to none. I will refer Waqar to all of my friends in need of a business consultant and Social Media Marketing help.

Sean David

Exceeded all Expectations!
I highly recommend working with Waqar, he has met and exceeded my expectations and we are working towards building a longer term mutually beneficial and profitable relationship.

Jesse Farb
Real Estate Broker

You are an Entrepreneur.
You are a Professional Service-Provider, an Expert, a Consultant…
Your Business depends on Leads & Clients.

Your whole business stands on getting more clients on board. It’s not enough to run Ad Campaigns or Lead Generation Campaigns… you need to get clients!

Not only you need clients, but the ones who are right-fit for your business. The ones who are dedicated and passionate to work with you. The ones who believe in you and understand that you are unique and different. The ones who dedicate themselves to put their A-Game, get the results and make you look like a Rockstar!

Without a constant flow of the ideal clients, your business is in trouble.

We can Help

Most client attraction techniques being used today just don’t work. Most marketers focus on what they’re trying to get ignoring what their clients are looking for and what they can offer them. This is the age of New Media Technologies and old obsolete methods do not work anymore. You can no longer get the client on board just by stating that you are offering this specific expertise. What matters is what you bring on table now!

Building an audience, increasing likes, engaging them, writing blogs, making videos, all of these are fine for building an audience. But are they enough to enroll new clients? They’re hopeless when it comes to that. The fact remains that building an audience is one thing and growing your income is another.

With Chairman Punjab IT Board Dr. Umar Saif
Passionate Marketers
Speaking on Neo News TV Show
The Passion & Fun
LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship
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Our Cutting-Edge Marketing Processes Generate Results

After a lot of trial and error, we have discovered the secret formula bound to produce results. We provide you all the technical support and the mindset support to make you Rockstar.


This is why we are honored as “Top Rated” by our clients like you.

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Disclaimer: Results & Success depends on so many factors including hard work, industry, competition, target market, client, season and so on. For each client, we worked together through fear, overwhelm, and challenges to find success. Your business and scenario is different and thus your results will be different. We are not offering a lottery and there is no “get rich quick” or “get rich easy”.